• Graham Stephens

    Graham Stephens

  • erikaelisabettamizun


    Brand strategist and founder at tea.agency, partnering with startup & SME leaders with a purpose greater than profit. Interest in sustainable development.

  • Dr. Miriam Maisel

    Dr. Miriam Maisel

    Family medicine and lifestyle medicine doctor in Tel Aviv, sometime writer and lecturer, promoting a whole food plant based diet, more at www.dr-maisel.co.il.

  • Gracious Kwamboxy

    Gracious Kwamboxy

  • RÅN studio

    RÅN studio

    A creative content and consultancy studio established by Robert and Agatha A. Appleton-Sas. Online thinking & digital communication. www.ranstudio.co.uk

  • Ulrich Bartels

    Ulrich Bartels

  • Gill Mccoy

    Gill Mccoy

  • Gosia Bal

    Gosia Bal

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